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<table border="0" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2"><tbody><tr align="left" valign="top"><td width="400" align="left" valign="top" style="width: "><h5><img src="/oldsite/images/pageheaders/welcome.jpg" border="0" width="400" height="50" /></h5>         <h5>It is that time FIESTA is ALMOST HERE</h5>
        <h5>We are now accepting reservations for the Texas Cavalier's River Parade on April 19, 2010. Call 210.212.0566 to reserve your seat or for more information.</h5>
        <h5>VIVA FIESTA!!</h5> <hr>
        <h5>La Paloma Riverwalk, a blending of culture and time, is housed in an historical building circa 1900. Set on the most charming stretch of the San Antonio Riverwalk, La Paloma offers indoor as well as riverside seating, a scenic view of pedestrian bridges, and the shade of sprawling Cypress and Magnolia trees.</h5>               
        <h5> Inside, La Paloma provides a welcoming atmosphere of richly colored walls, tile floors, and a quaint river level cantina. Original works of contemporary art adorn the walls adding to the warm aesthetic feeling and welcoming atmosphere of its owners and staff. </h5>         <h5>La Paloma Riverwalk is owned and operated by the Flores family, whose restaurant expertise spans over 50 years. The staff and welcoming ambiance reflect the family’s commitment to quality, outstanding service and unique dining. </h5>         <p> </p></td>
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